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Wholesale DV8 Dare Pong™ EXXXtreme - Cloth 6ft Pong Table Cover Adult Party Game

Deviate Essentials

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DV8 Dare Pong™ EXXXtreme - Cloth 6ft Pong Table Cover 
Turn any 6' Pong table into DV8 Dare Pong™ -You'll never play beer pong again! 

Take DV8 Dare Pong to the Exxxtreme!

Next Level Dares compliment the original Dare Pong to keep the party going past the icebreakers 
This game is designed to be played under blacklight for a more intimate setting.

This edition features 10 exxxtreme & penalty dares not for the timid


ADULTS ONLY: 4 Players

One DV8 Dare Pong™ 24" x 72" High Quality wrinkle free pong table Cover
Six DV8 Dare Pong™ Balls

Easy To Play, No Complicated Rules To Follow, a must have for any naughty get together!

DV8 Dare line of adult games are the Ultimate Icebreakers for adult Party fun

The Game Where Everyones A Winner!
Do You Deviate?™

Pong Table Not Included

8' length coming soon!